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What Is myvitamins CLA Powder? myvitamins CLA Powder is a convenient source of conjugated linoleic acid that is unflavoured and ready to mix.

It is made from a form of omega 6, linoleic acid, that is found in safflower oil. It is extracted, dried, and ground into a fine, unflavoured powder.

Why Use A CLA Supplement? Our bodies can’t produce CLA naturally, so we must get it from dietary sources. Although it can be found in small amounts in foods like beef and cheese, a supplement is a more convenient and controllable source of conjugated linoleic acid.

Conveniently formulated into a fine powder, our CLA contains an optimum 80% concentration conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil.

What Works Well With CLA Powder? CLA Powder is easy to add to your smoothie or shake. Blend in some of our Multivitamin Powder too for a nutritional boost.

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