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PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass has been designed with “Hard Gainers” in mind. It is perfect for anyone trying to add mass in the bulking phase of nutritional plans.
PhD Advance Mass Shake provides an impressive 1,140 calories and 193g carbohydrates per serving. And features a 4-stage protein blend to deliver 50g of high quality protein.
PhD Advance Mass Gain also delivers 5g Creatine Monohydrate to increase physical performance. Creatine helps with regenerating ATP. This is our body’s main energy source. Once Creatine stores are depleted in our muscles, energy levels stop immediately.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass also contains Magnesium and Zinc to reduce tiredness and fatigue, support protein synthesis and help to maintain healthy testosterone levels.
Anyone who finds mass hard to gain then this is perfect. It contains 1152 calories per serving. Most people find it difficult to eat so many calories through food. Adding calories have never been so easy through a nice smooth protein shake.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass contains a whey protein blend. This means it contains more than type of protein. This way, it helps your body keep elevated on amino acids which help with protein synthesis.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass also contains a carbohydrate blend. Made up of 3 different type of carbohydrate sources. Helping with sustained energy and restoring glycogen levels.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass is the ultimate mass gaining shake. It tastes delicious, mixes extremely well in a PhD 1000ml shaker cup and provides everything you need to take your gains to the next level.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass contains only 5.4g of sugar and provides us with high quality fats from coconut oil in the form of MCT’s.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass comes in four different flavours. These include – Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Peanut, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass contains 12.3g of fibre. Fibre is often neglected but is essential for optimal health. Fibre helps with our digestive system.
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