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Reflex Nutrition Green Tea Capsules deliver 300mg Green Tea Extract – Perfect for anyone wanting to follow a weight management nutrition plan.
Reflex Nutrition Green Tea Extract comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, grown most commonly in China and India. And this potent Extract provides the equivalent of 3-4 cups of Green Tea!
Reflex Nutrition Green Tea capsules are convenient to use and great for those looking for an alternative way to benefit from Green Tea’s natural properties.
Delivered in a Gelatine capsule, to ensure fast digestion and quick absorption into the body. This make it a convenient capsule to take as you wake up.
Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients that have some serious benefits on our body.
Reflex Nutrition Green Tea Extracts can help with reducing free radicals in our body. These can cause oxidative damage so it is important our cells and molecules are protected.
Reflex Nutrition Green Tea Extract contains less Caffeine than coffee, however it has enough to produce an effect. It also contains an amino acid called L-Theanine which can help with improving brain function.
Reflex Nutrition Green Tea Extract is a very powerful supplement which can help our body with a whole range of benefits. One capsule delivers everything you need to feel good.

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