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What is Medi-Evil Diet Whey+?Your training routine and dietary habits go hand-in-hand; Medi-Evil recognise this, which led to them creating Diet Whey+. This market-leading supplement is based on an impressively high protein yield, along with micro ingredients. These were chosen specifically to support the metabolism and lean muscle development, assisting your physique targets. Medi-Evil are an iconic sports nutrition brand, with scientific research and quirky innovation at their core. Wherever youre at on your fitness quest, this steadfast range can help you fulfil (or exceed) your potential. Lean Whey+ is a prime example of their expertise. It features a signature protein blend, consisting of hydrolysed whey protein, whey and soya isolates, plus milk and whey concentrate. The result is a purity of 73%, giving Lean Whey+ a stand-out ranking of quality. Each 25g serving delivers 18g of protein and a natural, abundant source of essential amino acids, keeping levels of such at a peak throughout the day. Diet Whey+ contains waxy barely a type of complex carbohydrate thats released into the bloodstream gradually. This helps to sustain you for a prolonged period; moreover, Medi-Evils patented digestive aid, Trigesteze, are enzymes that promote healthy gut function and nutrient uptake. Conjugated-linoleic acid (CLA), l-carnitine and green tea are the golden nuggets of Diet Whey+! They help to tap into thermogenesis a metabolic process of burning calories by producing heat. Unlike many supplements designed for performance gains, Diet Whey+ is low in carbs and calories (3.5g and 385 respectively), offering versatile use. It also contains extensive micronutrients to boost overall well-being alongside a healthy, active lifestyle. What makes its formula special?● Contains a quality blend of whey, soya and milk protein ● A natural source of essential amino acids to support muscle recovery● Waxy barley provides just 3.5g of slow-release carbs (and fibre)● With Trigesteze enzymes that promote healthy gut function and nutrient uptake● Features CLA, l-carnitine and green tea, said to aid the metabolism/fat loss● Low calorie 85 per serve and rich in micronutrients● Mixes effortlessly with water/milk● Offers versatile use ● Suitable for vegetarians How can Medi-Evil Diet Whey+ help me reach my goals?Protein is crucial to all growth and repair processes including that of muscle tissue. The quality protein found in Diet Whey+ has a rapid absorption rate, so it assists muscle fibre regeneration before, during and after training; this leads to improved recovery and optimal progress. The added ingredients in Diet Whey + can aid in increasing the bodys fat-burning capacity. This powerful trio offers further health benefits, including the preservation of muscle tissue and anti-oxidant support.

Diet Whey+ can facilitate muscle-building whilst helping to pep-up fat-burning a dual effect that will complement your routine and ultimately, enhance your results. Who is Medi-Evil Diet Whey+ suitable for?● All active people, looking for a quality, versatile protein supplement ● Those following a get lean programmes, lose fat/build muscle (or maintain their composition)● Anyone invested in their health

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