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Sci-Mx BCAA Intra Hardcore is a high quality intra workout amino acid formula designed to for athletes and bodybuilders.
BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) include Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine and are called essential amino acids which means our body doesn’t not create them but requires them. Included is; 4.5g Leucine, 2.25g Isoleucine and Valine alongside 1.6g Glutamine and 2g Glycine for maximum effect.
Amino Acids are very important when it comes to muscle repair and building.
Sci-Mx BCAA Intra Hardcore can help your body go from a catabolic state (muscle wasting) to an anabolic state (muscle growing) rapidly.
SCI-MX BCAA Intra Hardcore is a great choice to add to your water during training. Available in fruity Orange or Mixed Berry flavours. Just add water, mix and drink.

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