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PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol is a fantastic complex carbohydrate supplement. This is perfect for any long term endurance athlete looking for a slow release energy supplement and carbohydrates to maximise recovery.
Carbohydrates provide our body with fuel for physical activity. They are burned more efficiently than protein or fat.
PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol powder features slow burning Carbohydrates made from raw barley. Waxy barley starch contains healthy Beta Glucan fibre and brings you all the extra goodness and health benefits of Barley.
PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol is a complex carbohydrate. This means it is made up of sugar molecules. Complex carbohydrates are turned into blood sugar (glucose) in the body and can be used for energy.
Carbohydrates are also great because they help restore glycogen levels. These are lost during training and are need for energy and repair.
PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol comes in Berry flavour and unflavoured. Perfect for adding to other supplement drinks and making you’re all in one protein drink.
PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol is best to take as a post workout. It will help with repair and muscle growth.
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