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PhD Nutrition Beta Alanine is ideal for using either post workout or pre workout.
Beta-Alanine is the only naturally occurring Beta-Amino Acid, taken by many athletes and often used in conjunction with L-Histidine to help improve physically performance.
PhD Beta Alanine can be taken throughout the day, however it may be beneficial to use before intense exercise.
The PhD Beta Alanine 500mg supplements come in convenient capsules and is to be taken with water.
Beta Alanine helps to raise muscle carnosine concentrations. Together with histidine it produces carnosine.
Carnosine reduces lactic acid accumulation in your muscles during exercise. We all get that burning feeling which makes it harder to push on. Well PhD Nutrition Beta Alanine helps raise carnosine levels and will help with fighting off lactic acid.
PhD Nutrition Beta Alanine helps increase the time to exhaustion. In other words, it helps with exercise for longer periods of time.
PhD Nutrition Beta Alanine helps with performance during high intensity and short duration exercise.
PhD Nutrition Beta Alanine can also be used with PhD Nutrition Creatine as they both help with endurance of the muscles. It can also be used alongside any PhD Nutrition protein supplement.
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