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PhD Nutrition Amino Support is a blend of essential and none essential amino acids. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesised by the body and must be obtained through our diet.
PhD Nutrition Amino Support contains eight different types of amino acids, these include three branched chain amino acids. Often referred to as BCAAs.
The three different types of amino acids are Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine. They all play an important role in protein synthesis and maintaining muscle.
PhD Nutrition Leucine is known as the “main” amino acid as it’s the most prominent amino. It helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
Leucine can also be used before bedtime. When we sleep our body breaks down muscle for energy. Leucine will help return our body from a catabolic state (muscle wasting) to an anabolic state (muscle growth) rapidly.
Studies show that leucine is the most anabolic (growth promoting) amino acid. It is the 4th most concentrated amino acid in your muscle and has the ability to stimulate the manufacturing of new proteins.
PhD Nutrition Amino Support can be taken anytime of the day, it is advised to be taken with a meal to help broaden the amino acid profile from each meal.
PhD Nutrition Amino Support contains Vitamin B6.This as many health benefits. It can help maintain a healthy nervous system and immune system while reducing tiredness and fatigue.
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