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PhD Nutrition Recovery is a premium, high protein, post workout formula. 
PhD Recovery drink delivers 24g protein and 48g carbohydrates in the form of whey protein isolate. Protein is key in muscle growth and this is premium source of protein is also very low in fat.
This formula also benefits from L-Glutamine and other essential BCAAs to provide immune support and help with muscle repair. Perfect for those looking to aid recovery from intense exercise.
The PhD Recovery shake is an effective recovery supplement that can be used pre or post workout and comes in a range of delicious flavours.
The post shake window is very small and recovery is vital for our muscle. We must get carbohydrates to help restore glycogen levels and aminos to start protein synthesis.
PhD Nutrition Recovery can help with this. It contains a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein and contains a multi stage carbohydrate blend.
PhD Nutrition Recovery is a blend of Maltodextrin, Dextrose and Waxy Maize Starch which all absorb at different rates giving us sustained recovery and energy release.
PhD Nutrition Recovery help by providing us with vital amino acids. Amino acids are building blocks of protein and help with getting our body from a catabolic state (muscle wasting) to an anabolic state (muscle building).
PhD Nutrition Recovery also contains Creapure. The purest form of creatine. This helps with replenishing our ATP which is our body’s main source of energy. Helping with recovery times.
Vitamin C has been added to PhD Nutrition Recovery. This is a powerful anti-oxidant. It can help with maintaining connective tissues including bones, blood vessels and skin.
PhD Nutrition Recovery also contains a whey protein blend. Meaning it contains Whey Protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and hydrolysed whey protein. This helps with keeping protein intake and keeping aminos elevated throughout the day.
So, don’t forget recovery is very important. PhD Nutrition Recovery has all the ingredients you need to help with your goals.
It comes in 5 delicious flavours such as – Berry, Double Chocolate, Fruit Smoothie, Orange & Mango and Raspberry Lemonade.
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