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What is the High5 Protein Hit?Nutritious snack options are a must for anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals and strive for a healthy lifestyle. A busy schedule can sometimes mean youre caught off-guard; with the High5 Protein Hit, you can always be prepared. Its a mighty bite packed with flavour and goodness, offering a balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein and fat to re-stoke the furnace! As a brand, High5 pride themselves on delivering steadfast sports nutrition products, suitable for a range of requirements. Trusted by athletes and developed with scientific research at its core, you can be assured of sought-after solutions to your training needs. Protein Hit is no exception; each ball is moulded with the highest quality ingredients. Youll find an array of nutrient-dense lovelies including nuts, seeds, dried fruit, whey protein concentrate and isolate, cacao butter, cacao nibs and natural flavourings. Youll find no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives; Protein Hit is gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians, too. With Protein Hit, you have a go-to snack that assists muscle recovery and helps to replenish glycogen stores, following a demanding workout. Whatever type of activity you do whether endurance sports or resistance training you can reap the benefits of the Protein Hit as and when required. Whats makes its formula special?|| Each 50g ball contains 11g of protein sourced from whey concentrate/isolates, renowned for their rapid absorption rate. || Made with nuts and dried fruit for both a gradual and sustained energy release.|| Free from added sugar and artificial ingredients including sweeteners, colours and flavourings.|| Suitable for vegetarians.|| Individual packs allow for convenience; you have a portable snack on hand that can be kept in your gym bag, car, desk at work, etc.|| Available in a range of delicious flavours. How can the High5 Protein Hit help me reach my goals?When youre hungry but pushed for time, making sensible decisions where snacks are concerned can be challenging. With the Protein Hit, you have the perfect choice an individually wrapped, nutritionally balanced ball of goodness! A combination of whey protein, nuts, seeds and dried fruit offer sustenance around your training, or to bridge the gaps between meals. Whatever your current regime, consistency is of utmost importance; Protein Hit offers a simple, delicious treat that aids muscle function and provides an energy boost.Who is the High5 Protein Hit suitable for?|| All types of fitness enthusiasts endurance athletes, active sportsmen and women, resistance trainers and bodybuilders.|| Those looking to replenish glycogen stores following exercise whilst supporting muscle growth/repair. || Individuals wanting to maintain a healthier lifestyle and include more nutritionally balanced snacks and treats as part of this.

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