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PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie is a great tasting diet snack. A convenient way to add extra protein to your diet, with only 4g of sugar per cookie - Perfect for those with an active lifestyle.
PhD Diet Cookie contains only 199 calories and delivers 22g of quality Protein – Providing a great alternative to protein bars and shakes and great for anyone looking to achieve a lean physique.
The PhD Protein Cookie comes with benefit of added ingredients: L-Carnitine, CLA and Green Tea Extract – All designed to help support weight management.
PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie is ideal for any man or women wanting to indulge in a treat without feeling guilty afterwards.
PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie can also be taken throughout the day due to its low calorie count. This means if you’re feeling peckish you can, it won’t harm any diet plan.
PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie also contains 500mg of Flaxseed. This is healthy omega 3 and fibre. Many people neglect fibre in their diet. Fibre is very important as it can help with our digestive function.
Flaxseed is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. They contain Vitamin B1, Copper, Magnesium and Phosphorus. All have a huge benefit value to our body.
PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie also contains L-Carnitine. This is a natural occurring amino acid. It plays a role of transporting fatty acids into your cells mitochondria. Mitochondria acts in the same way an engine does. It burns fats to create usable energy.
If you’re out on the go, slip a cookie into your bag or pack lunch. It can help you with your daily protein intake or even to fill you up.
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