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What is PhD Pre-Wkt Perform?Hard training will push your body (and mind) to achieving brilliance. Half-hearted efforts simply wont cut it; you must graft for the physique you want. Heres where a quality pre-workout, tailored to your requirements, can prove invaluable. PhD Pre-Wkt Perform delivers a powerful blend of functional ingredients, designed for use before short bursts of high-intensity training, to boost strength and stamina. PhD are a reputed lifestyle and nutrition brand; every one of their products was created to drive results. Pre-Wkt Perform features Peak O2 a brand new, revolutionary component, developed from unique strains of organically-grown mushrooms. These are said to deliver useful levels of l-ergothioneine, which is considered the bodys master anti-oxidant. Additionally, beta-glucans naturally occurring types of fibre are believed to enhance immune function; as such, theyre often referred to as immunmodulators. According to studies, Peak O2 can offer a multitude of benefits; improved oxygen uptake (aerobic performance), prolonged endurance and reduced fatigue are amongst these. Peak O2 is known as an adaptogen: it helps to fight oxidative stress, allows athletes to train for longer, recover faster and thrive during process.Pre-Wkt Perform also contains a potent dose of creatine monohydrate. Essentially, this plays a role in synthesising adenotriphosphate (ATP). Also known as the bodys energy currency, this works to sustain muscle contractions; keeping muscle stores of creatine at peak level is crucial to this mechanism. Caffeine has been added to the mix to provide lasting stimulation, with beta-alanine as an effective buffer to lactic acid build-up. Maximise your athletic capabilities with Pre-Wkt Perform!What makes its formula special?|| Each 10g scoop supplies a powerful blend of fully-dosed ingredients to prep you for intense training.|| Contains the revolutionary Peak O2 an adaptogen said to enhance performance and recovery, and help prevent oxidative damage.|| With 3000mg of creatine monohydrate to aid muscle power output.|| Caffeine and beta-alanine act in synergy to help minimise fatigue. || Mixes easily in a shaker.|| Available in a range of refreshing flavours!How can PhD Pre-WKT Perform help me reach my goals?High-intensity workouts whether its interval or circuit training, powerlifting, crossfit or endurance sports can reap dividends to your progress. Nonetheless, these activities can prove challenging and test your limits. Pre-Wkt Perform can help you achieve a new level of strength and endurance, encouraging you to keep striving for more. Pre-Wkt Perform is more than just stimulation; heavily researched components (in effective doses) were chosen to bolster your performance from multiple angles. Who is PhD Pre-WKT Perform suitable for?|| Individuals who train intensively and regularly; routines may include endurance sports, bodybuilding, powerlifting and crossfit. || Those looking for a concentrated pre-workout.

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