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HealthAid Cysticare tablets are specially formulated using natural and top quality herbal extracts that are refined and purified for maximum absorption and utilisation by the body. The goodness of Cranberries is blended with other herbal ingredients to make Health-Aid Cysticare the perfect supplement for women to help maintain a healthy urinary system. HealthAid Cysticare tablets:|| Cranberries Extract|| Vitamin C|| Dandelion Root Extract|| Parsley Powder|| Sage|| Bearberry extract|| Stinging Nettle|| Buchu LeafCysticare Tablets may help eliminate or reduce symptoms related to urinary tract disorders or infections, such as;|| Help reduce strong persistent urge to urinate|| Help reduce burning sensation when urinating|| May reduce pain in lower part of abdomen and lower back|| Help balance intestinal flora|| May enhance immune activity|| May help improve the immune functions during and after urinary infection|| May act as gentle and natural diuretic and also pump up the kidney function|| May help in easing the symptoms of kidney and bladder stoneCysticare Tablets may be of benefit to;|| Those who are prone to Urinary tract infections (UTI)|| Those who are diabetic and pregnant women|| Women who have shortened urethras|| Those who wish to maintain general urinary health|| People wish to maintain healthy digestive system|| Those who want to improve immune activity|| Postmenopausal women

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