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Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus is a high quality mass gainer that has been designed with the best ingredients to help with adding size.
 Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus contains 950 calories per serving, 60g of protein and only 24g of Sugar. This is the best way of adding clean calories into your diet.
Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus also contains Flaxseed which is added to add fibre to your diet. This helps with maintain a healthy digestive system.
Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus is made up of Oats which is a low GI carbohydrate meaning it won’t spike insulin levels, a great way to keep unwanted fat away.
Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus is made up of a whey protein blending meaning it contains different types of whey which help with providing you with a sustained amino acid release keeping muscle replenish and protected from a catabolic state.
Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus can be taken before bed also and can be taken with milk before bed for extra calories. If you take it with milk, it will slowly drip feed your body through the night and keep your body replenished of all nutrients.
Many people find it difficult to add calories into your diet, especially when it’s consumed through food. This is why Beast Yourself Massive Beast is perfect. Drinking calories in a smooth tasty drink.
Medi-Evil Nutrition comes in three delicious flavours. These include – Chocolate Cake Mix, Vanilla Oat Twist and Wild Strawberry.
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