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High5 Energy Source X'Treme is an advanced sports drink with added Caffeine, helping to boost energy levels and provide muscle support.Energy Source Xtreme uses an advanced 2:1 formula, designed to provide muscles with Carbohydrate at a rate of around 90 gram per hour - Three times as much, compared with some other sports drinks!The High 5 Energy Source Xtreme drink contains a Carbohydrate blend of maltodextrin and fructose, to provide instant energy. As well as key electrolytes to ensure maximum water and carbohydrate absorption.Energy Source Extreme benefits further from the added Caffeine and Magnesium. Many people use Caffeine supplements before and/or during training, to increase concentration, focus and reaction times.High5 Extreme Energy Source uses real fruit flavours, for a natural refreshing taste. And is gentle on the stomach and is easily metabolised.The High 5 Energy Source Xtreme a convenient way to boost carb and energy levels before, during or after training and between meals. Buy High 5 Sports Energy Sports Drinks from Monstersupplements.com

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