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What is Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge Vegan?Being active increases the demand for proper nutrition, which can enhance both your performance and rate of recovery. Whatever your physique aspirations, food will form the basis of you success; Feel Free Nutrition know this all too well. Protein Porridge Vegan is perfect for anyone who eats a plant-based diet. A concentrated source of protein, oats and whole food ingredients offers a portable breakfast or snack whenever you need it!Feel Free Nutrition was founded in 2011 by qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, Adam Read. Recognising the importance of a balanced diet, Adam wanted to help his clients improve their eating habits. Having a realistic mindset, he also knew that a busy lifestyle and time constraints could impact dietary choices made, and lead to reaching for a quick fix. The porridge pot idea was a development of Adams vision: it offers a convenient solution, based on whole foods that promote health and well-being. Gluten-free, ground oats provide a sustained release of carbohydrates and restore muscle glycogen, as well as boost fibre intake. A blend of pea and soya protein isolates delivers 22g of quality protein; you also have health-supportive botanicals and veggie extracts, to include ginger root, green tea, alfalfa, spriulina and spinach. Theyre there to help keep your well-being in check but dont worry, theyre a subtle addition! Adam opted to sweeten his porridge pots with sucralose and stevia in place of added sugar, keeping excess calories to a minimum. What makes its formula special?|| Each 75g serving contains 22g of protein, comprised of pea and soya isolates, to bolster muscle growth and repair|| With 34g of carbs in the form of oats, supplying lasting energy|| Featuring veggie and botanical extracts to support well-being|| Multi-packs allow for easy planning of meals and snacks|| Made by simply adding hot water|| Gluten-free|| Suitable for vegetarians and vegans|| Available in a range of delicious flavoursHow can Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge Vegan help me reach my goals?Its said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; ensuring the quality of your overall diet, however, is taking a more proactive stance. Since plant-based lifestyles are becoming ever popular, variety is a must. Protein Porridge Vegan makes a delicious option for breakfast, or at any other point you need to re-fuel. Pea and soya protein isolates are valuable plant-based proteins, and have been specifically added to assist muscle development. Packed with goodness, Protein Porridge Vegan is the easy way to stay ahead of your game. With macros already accounted for (and proportionate to regular training), youre left to focus on the bigger picture: results. Who is Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge Vegan suitable for?|| Active individuals who lead a busy lifestyle, looking for sensible breakfast/snacking options|| Those wanting to gain muscle mass healthily, with good nutrition as their foundation|| Vegans, vegetarians and those allergic/intolerant to gluten

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