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Extreme Nutrition Whey is a high quality Whey Protein powder, designed to increase lean muscle mass and aid in muscle recovery.Protein plays a vital part in helping to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Also muscle is broken down during workouts and Protein is required to repair these muscle fibres. Extreme Whey is a blend of cold processed microfiltered Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate, which makes this Protein shake both easy to drink and easy to digest. The Extreme Whey Protein shake also benefits from a full spectrum of Amino Acids and is high in Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and Glutamine.Whey Isolate is 90% pure protein by weight and is the purest and most expensive form of whey protein that exists - Making the Extreme Nutrition Whey powder a powerful, yet affordable choice. Buy Extreme Nutrition Protein Shake & Supplements from Monstersupplements.com

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