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Contains caffeine & capsicum to encourage thermogenesis || Helps protect against oxidative damage & inflammation || Available in convenient, capsules What is CNP Pro Pane?To reach your maximum potential, you need to tap into your inner resources; its about honing your physical strength, stamina and motivation, whilst overriding fatigue and other obstacles to your success. A quality pre-workout supplement can help to maximise your endurance levels and focus, in order to become the best version of you. CNP Pro Pane is a performance-centred blend of nutritionals and botanicals, available in an ultra-convenient capsule format. As a trusted brand of sports nutrition products, CNP offer quality assurance; cutting edge research, longstanding expertise and superior ingredients. They bring a range of solutions to your training needs whatever your goals. Pro Pane features functional components to include caffeine a direct stimulant of the central nervous system; it enhances mental clarity and acts to prolong power output.
It can work in synergy with capsicum, which has been shown to increase thermogenesis the bodys mechanism of burning calories through heat production. This is especially useful if youre following a get lean programme, by supporting energy metabolism. Citrulline malate, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) and beetroot extract are potent precursors to nitric oxide (NO), forming the Advanced Pump Matrix. As a vasodilator, NO encourages the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the muscles and organs of the body, creating a pump.
This favourable effect offers instant gratification that yes your hard graft is paying off! Additionally, it can help to speed the recovery process and assist muscle growth and repair. Pro Pane also contains grape seed extract, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and help to negate oxidative stress a factor thats relevant to very active people.

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