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Grenade Muscle Machine is a high quality mass gainer which has been designed with some great ingredients to give you some huge benefits. It is made from a whey protein blend meaning it contains more than one whey protein. This helps by releasing protein and essential amino acids slowly throughout the day keep your body elevated.
This product also contains a carbohydrate blend. This allows a sustained energy release and help to restore glycogen levels that are lost during training.
Grenade Muscle Machine delivers 40g of protein per serving, 8.6g of BCAAs and 19g of Carbohydrates with no added sugar.
This pridyct not only uses the highest-quality protein and carbs, it also contains coconut oil and several other important sources of fats, including EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) and MCTs, which are more quickly and efficiently absorbed and more rapidly used as fuel.
It is high in essential amino acids. Making sure your body is in an anabolic state and not a catabolic state. Also essential amino acids help with protein synthesis.
Grenade Muscle Machine also contains HMB, CLA, Taurine and Glutamine Peptides to help provide additional muscle support and help improve muscle recovery.
This product also comes in two sweet tasting flavours. These include – Chocolate Milkshake or Strawberry Cream.
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