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Nowfoods Vitamin D-3 is a high quality, vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is very important for optimal health and is normally obtain through diet.
Nowfoods Vitamin D-3 is a must for anyone. It is known as the Sunshine Vitamin due to being able to obtain it through ultra violet light hitting the sin.
Nowfoods Vitamin D-3 has many huge benefits on our body. Vitamin D3 is twice as effect at increasing blood levels of Vitamin D.
Nowfoods Vitamin D-3 can help with different factors. Helps with bones growing stronger, your strength, may reduce small symptoms of depression and many other benefits.
Nowfoods Vitamin D-3 is fat soluble.  This means it dissolves in fat/oil and can be stored in our body for a long period of time.
The best way to get Vitamin D is through the sun. Once your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays it then provides energy for a reaction to occur. If you don’t get much sun, then you must supplement Vitamin D.
A lack of Vitamin D can lead to all sorts of health problems. It can cause bone disease like rickets often found in children. It is also link to reduced life expectancy.
Nowfoods Vitamin D-3 comes in a 10,000 IU capsule or a 5,000 IU capsule.
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