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CNP Pro Whey is an effective whey protein powder which has been made with the best ingredients to delivery key nutrients and protein.
Protein is key for building muscle as protein helps delivery key essential amino acids which help with protein synthesis and have anti-catabolic effects.
CNP Pro Whey is made up of a whey protein blend meaning it contains more than one protein source. This helps drip feed your body of protein and amino acids throughout the day due to different absorption rates.
CNP Pro Whey is delivers only 120 calories per serving making it perfect for anyone who is looking for a high quality protein but is following a calorie strict nutritional plan.
CNP Pro Whey contains L-Glutamine. This is found in our muscles. It is then distributed to our organs by blood. This can help with preventing us going into a catabolic state (muscle wasting).
CNP Pro Whey can be used in the morning to help with protein intake. It can also be used through the day and also as a post workout shake.
CNP Pro Whey provides an impressive 22g of protein per serving, combining whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate to provide rapid delivery and immediate effect.
CNP Pro Whey comes in five different delicious flavours. These include – Banana, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla.
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