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Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover is an excellent post-workout supplement, designed to assist in recovery from intense training and workouts. This formula uses multiple nutrient sources, combined with HMB and Kre-Alkalyn and a staggered amino acid portfolio release to provide maximum absorption.Each 72g serving contains approximately 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals - Ideal and convenient, when a nutritionally balanced meal is not available. The time released protein blend found in Build & Recover is absorbed at different and contains only 0.9g fat per serving. The formula is also ultra low in sodium and lactose, a common cause of stomach upset and allergic reaction. Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover benefits from the use of Dextrose, a fast acting simple carbohydrate that helps to create an insulin release - Promoting an increased uptake of all nutrients and amino acids by the body.The formula also includes HMB, Kre-Alkalyn and a staggered amino acid portfolio to provide maximum absorption. As well as Fructose and Maltodextrin, to replace glycogen via the liver - Which is essential after intense training sessions.Extreme Nutrtion's high protein food supplement is formulated to help re-fuel the body with essential nutrients used during training or as a handy high Protein snack.

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