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Grenade Muscle Machine Mass is designed to support your muscle gain. It contains a mix of Protein, Carbohydrate and healthy fats.Each serving provides 52g of Protein sourced from rapid release and slow release proteins. These include Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and a Milk Protein. As a result your muscles are continually drip fed this valuable nutrient. Protein plays a significant role in building and maintaining muscle mass and therefore increasing protein intake is important to those following a muscle building training plan. Grenade have also included BCAAs and L-Glutamine peptides which support protein synthesis and therefore improve uptake of Protein to the muscles.Also included is a tri-source Carbohydrate blend, designed to keep blood sugar levels stable and to ensure a continual supply of energy delivery. Within this blend is Waxy Maize Starch which replenishes glycogen. It is also readily digestible.For further nutritional benefits, Grenade have added healthy fats to Muscle Machine Mass. These include Coconut Oil and MCT. MCTs are efficiently absorbed and can be quickly used by the body as fuel.For best results, Grenade recommend consuming up to two shakes daily for a minimum of six weeks.

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