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Grenade Black Ops is a weight management system created to support mental and physical performance. Designed for men, Black Ops has a shorter duration of action making it ideal for focused HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions and for training later in the day.It works to mobilize fat from fat cells. To ensure that this fat is eliminated you need to increase metabolism and fat oxidation. Ingredients such as Green Tea and Caffeine may help to support this process. Cayenne supports the work of Green Tea.

Blue green algae contains Essential Fatty Acids and Phenylephrine.

Phenylephrine is known to stimulate the bodys primary fat-burning hormone called Norepinephrine.

Cocoa Extract has an effect on nitric oxide which also supports fat metabolism.Grenade Black Ops also contains several micronutrients which have been scientifically evaluated for their role in supporting fat-loss metabolism and the improvement of insulin function.Rather than just dealing with one or two weight loss pathways, Grenade Black Ops takes a five prong approach and the results are there for everyone to see!

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