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CNP Professional Pro Diet Whey is a high quality, advanced weight loss protein formula.For active persons, whey protein is a main part of their supplement arsenal, owing to its high biological value (BV) and rapid absorption rate.
CNP Pro Diet Whey is a revolutionary fat loss formula; it offers functional ingredients combined with a macronutrient profile thats conducive to your goals. A lifestyle brand with almost two decades worth of expertise, CNP bring you the very best ingredients, backed by cutting edge science, with a sincere desire for you to succeed.
Pro Diet Whey contains whey protein concentrate to aid muscle development, thats been uniquely cultured with bifidus, acidophilus and yoghurt organisms.
These have been shown to positively influence gut health, with consequential benefits to the immune system, nutrient uptake and recovery. Fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) are sometimes dubbed pre-biotic because they help to create a favourable environment for gut microbiota.
Since theyre a type of indigestible carbohydrate, they add subtle sweetness, resulting in a reduced need for artificial sweeteners. Each serving delivers up to 34g of protein per serving one of the highest yields currently on the market! Its also low in carbs, in order to support desirable changes in body composition.

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