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What is CNP Pro Zinc Complex?Aside from macronutrients protein, carbohydrates and fat there are specific micronutrients that play important roles in maintaining healthy testosterone levels and aiding muscle function/recovery. CNP Pro Zinc Complex is a comprehensive blend of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 to support all active individuals in achieving their fitness targets.CNP are driven by results; they offer a range premium-grade health and sports nutrition products, tailored to a variety of needs. Pro Zinc Complex features bisglycinate forms of the minerals zinc and magnesium, as research suggests that these have a better rate of absorption compared with other forms. Zinc contributes to a number of mechanisms in the body that can impact the trained individual; amongst these are protein synthesis, energy metabolism and testosterone production. It also aids the immune system, enzymatic processes and reproductive health. Magnesium is integral to muscle function and helps to regulate contractions/relaxation. Pro Zinc Complex is fortified with vitamin B6, since this is involved in protein metabolism; its also needed to make haemoglobin the oxygen transporter in red blood cells. Pro Zinc Complex can help you to stay in peak shape throughout every stage of your physical transition. Whats makes its formula special?|| Each serving offers a powerful trio of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, designed to facilitate muscle development.|| Available in a convenient capsule format. How can CNP Pro Zinc Complex help me reach my goals?Whilst its tempting to get caught up in aesthetic results, its essential to acknowledge whats going on behind the scenes. With sound nutritional support, the body has access to the materials required to progress and thrive. Take care of your bodys natural ability to build and repair muscle; in doing so, youre set for not only success, but an improved rate of recovery and better state of health and well-being.Pro Zinc Complex provides three components that are grounded in research, offering targeted support to muscles. Who is CNP Pro Zinc Complex suitable for?|| Gym-goers and all other types of active individuals, looking for a high-quality supplement to assist muscle growth/recovery.|| Both males and females wanting a simple but effective nutritional product to enhance their performance and progression.

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