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Barebell Protein Bar are amazing. The ingredients are simple yet effective. They tastes better than your normal chocolate bar and are a lot healthier for you.
These bars contain only 196 calories meaning it is the perfect alternative to your sugar chocolate bar and you can use these in a calorie strict diet without the guilt feeling.
Additionally, they provide you with 20g of high quality protein which helps deliver all important amino acids to your body which help with recovery and muscle growth through protein synthesis.
Barebell Protein Bars only contain 1.7g of sugar which is perfect for anyone who wants to stay away from sugar.
They can be used as a post workout snack due to the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help restore glycogen levels in your muscles after training by helping deliver protein to the muscles.
Furthermore, they also provide you with 4.7g of fibre. This is very important within a diet and is often neglected. Fibre helps with your digestive system and keeps everything in working order.
Barebell Protein Bar offers a delicious high protein snack. They are designed to supply your body with the required protein and carbohydrates your body needs.

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