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What is the FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar?Protein bars offer a convenient, portable solution that enables you to stay on track of your nutritional plan with minimal fuss. The FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar is a deliciously satisfying alternative to your usual shake. With a blend of protein isolate and concentrate sourced from milk and whey, youre supporting the recovery of trained muscles with every bite! FitJoy Nutrition pride themselves on choosing good-for-you ingredients; each variety of Protein Bar is void of artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners, as well as gluten. Theyre also against genetic modification (GMO), too, so you can be assured of a snack or treat with no hidden nasties! FitJoy Nutrition sweeten their Protein Bars naturally with a mixture of VitaFiber (isomalto-oligosaccharides), erythritol, monk fruit and stevia extracts, plus chicory root fibre. This helps to keep the carbs and calories lower, assisting your goal attainment.Enjoy a FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar around your training to aid muscle development or at any time of day you want a wholesome snack or treat. Whats makes its formula special?|| Each bar delivers 20g of protein to help you meet your nutritional requirements.|| High in fibre: 13g per bar.|| Ideal for pre or post-workout nutrition, a balanced snack, or breakfast on-the-move. || Contains a blend of milk and whey protein isolate and concentrate, renowned for their rapid absorption rate.|| Ingredients are gluten and GMO-free, with no artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners. || Low in sugar; sweetened with natural alternatives including stevia.|| Multipacks allow you to plan ahead, so you can keep a bar on your desk at work, in your gym bag etc. || Available in outstanding flavours to suit every taste, coupled with an authentic soft-baked texture. How can FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bars help me reach my goals?The key to your success beyond sensible nutrition and targeted training is consistency. With a busy lifestyle, it can sometimes be difficult to organise all of your meals and snacks in advance; this is where the FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar comes in. You have a balanced snack on hand whenever you need it.The high fibre content, coupled with low sugar and quality protein, helps to keep you fuller for longer. If youre being mindful of your carb intake, the FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar can be a great choice for you. Who is the FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar suitable for?|| Active individuals looking for a high-protein snack/treat thats lower on the carb front, yet tastes indulgent!|| People interested in any type of fitness pursuit, with a range of goals including weight control and lean muscle gain. || Coeliacs and those intolerant to gluten.

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