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What is the Warrior Crunch Bar?Protein is that all-essential macro that supports muscle recovery, so ensuring that your intake is sufficient can make a world of difference to your progress. Protein bars serve a dual purpose; they help you to increase your daily protein count, whilst providing a satisfying snack to curb those cravings! The Warrior Crunch Bar is a delicious, multi-layered, high-protein bar thats low in carbs, with a superb, crunchy texture. It makes the perfect nibble or protein boost at any time of day, and is a great accompaniment to your training.Warrior Crunch Bars were developed with extensive research to create a clean nutritional profile that doesnt compromise on taste. Each bar delivers over 20g of quality protein (thats almost as much as a chicken breast) to aid muscle development, and just 2.3g of impact carbs i.e. that which your body absorbs. Featuring a gooey layer of caramel and satisfying texture wrapped in chocolate the Warrior Crunch Bar is every bit as good as a standard chocolate bar, minus the unwanted calories and carbs!Built for Warriors, the Crunch Bar can be enjoyed at any time youre looking for a tasty treat without jeopardising your goals. What makes its formula special?|| Each 64g bar provides over 20g of quality protein to assist muscle growth and repair. || Contains only 2.3g of impact carbs (those which the body utilises as energy). || Satisfies cravings for chocolate, devoid of the guilt!|| Multi-packs allow you to plan your snacks ahead of time, thus avoiding potential slip-ups!|| An indulgent layer of caramel, met with plenty of crunch delivers an authentic, chocolate bar experience. How can the Warrior Crunch Bar help me reach my goals?Most of us have times when we need a little something in the way of a treat. Perhaps youre looking for a convenient, tasty way to boost your protein intake; with the Warrior Crunch Bar, you can do this in the leanest, cleanest way possible. Post-exercise, the Warrior Crunch Bar works to sustain muscle mass whilst being easy on the taste buds! Its the perfect solution for anyone whos sculpting a lean physique through a dedicated nutrition and training plan.

Who is the Warrior Crunch Bar suitable for?|| Bodybuilders, strength trainers and other types of active persons, looking for a naughty-but-nice treat!|| People following get lean programmes or wanting to reduce/maintain body fat levels.

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