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What is TNT Light the Fuse?Using a pre-workout supplement is a way of cranking things up a notch. It functions to increase stamina and muscle power output, fight fatigue and hone mental focus. TNT Light the Fuse is a force of dynamite, transforming your session from standard to explosive!TNT deliver a range of rock solid supplements; their products are based on functional ingredients that drive success. Light the Fuse contains (as Leanacore) caffeine a potent stimulant plus Cammelia assamica, a variety of black tea with reported health-giving properties. You also have the Peak Performance Activator: beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate and calcium. This is designed to improve muscular endurance/negate fatigue, and sustain contractions. Light the Fuse features the Nitro Pump Amplifier; key components include beetroot extract, l-citruline-malate and arginine AKG that function as nitric oxide (NO) precursors. This lends to potent vasodilation that gets blood pumping, transporting oxygen and nutrients to working muscles and organs. Vitafive is a B vitamin complex designed to sustain a good state of health and well-being thats integral to being active. Vitamin B6, for example, is required to metabolise amino acids, and B12 helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and form red blood cells. With Light the Fuse, you have a pre-training solution that covers all angles, working to maximise your training performance!What makes its formula special?|| Each serving delivers a powerful cocktail of ingredients, designed to improve stamina and focus. || With caffeine a potent antidote to fatigue and recognised stimulant. || Inclusive beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate and calcium aid muscle function.|| Incorporates potent NO precursors to stimulate blood flow.|| With B vitamins to support amino acid metabolism, the nervous system and red blood cell production. || Mixes effortlessly.|| Available in a variety of great flavours.How can TNT Light the Fuse help me reach my goals?It goes without saying: dedication to your training regimen is a priority in order to yield results. However, we all have days whereby we feel tired or lack motivation; such is normal, but nonetheless, this isnt productive to what we want to achieve. With TNT Light the Fuse, you can ignite your inner pow! You have a blend of ingredients that work synergistically to help you plough through your sessions and exceed your personal best; strengthen your reps, steps... and everything in between!Who is TNT Light the Fuse suitable for?|| All types of fitness enthusiasts looking for a quality, comprehensive pre-training supplement. || Those who train earlier in the day and benefit from a pick-me-up.

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