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What is TNT Strong to the Core?Fat loss is a sought after goal for both men and women. Whilst diet and training are the fundamentals of success, there are supplements that offer a welcome boost throughout the process. Aptly named fat-burners, these are designed to reinforce your efforts by way of the above. TNT Strong to the Core delivers a unique, multi-phase formula that bridges the gap between traditional products and the new generation of supplements!A primary contender of TNTs rock solid supplement range, Strong to The Core contains LeanaCore a blend of carefully selected ingredients that work to assist energy metabolism and calorie expenditure, as well as helping to sharpen mental focus. Amongst these, youll find caffeine a powerful stimulant coupled with Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) and Bioperine (black pepper extract), which is thought to support nutrient absorption. L-tyrosine has been added, owing to its reported link to healthy brain function and mood regulation. A sizeable dose of green tea extract works synergistically with LeanaCore to help stimulate thermogenesis: the bodys mechanism of burning calories via heat production. The synthetic fatty acid known as tetradecylthioacetic acid (TTA) is a nutritional component, believed to aid fat oxidation. Strong to the Core also features VitaFive a group of B vitamins that facilitate health, well-being and vitality. For instance, vitamin B1 plays a notable role in glucose metabolism, and B6 is required for the uptake of amino acids. Its also needed to form haemoglobin the oxygen-carrying pigment in red blood cells. With Strong to the Core, you have a comprehensive solution; its ingredients are reputable when standing alone, but when combined, can help you to achieve unrivalled results. Light the fuse, stand back, and blow away the competition!What makes its formula special?|| Each serving offers a potent blend of ingredients that are designed to work over a sustained period, supporting your fat loss goals. || Contains caffeine powerful stimulant.|| Features a 400mg of green tea extract, which is said to optimise fat metabolism, as well as helping to protect against oxidative stress.|| With Citrus aurantium, Bioperine and other, highly researched ingredients, believed to aid metabolic function and nutrient absorption.|| Components such as l-tyrosine are thought to help balance mood and assist brain function. || Available in a capsule format for ease of use. || Added B vitamins help active individuals to thrive.How can TNT Strong to the Core help me reach my goals?There is no magic bullet to fat loss (sorry!); it takes dedication, persistence, hard work and sweat! The aim is to encourage fat oxidation in the body i.e. burning fat stores for energy. This can be done through a sensible nutrition plan and of course, disciplined training. TNT Strong to the Core hones in on these steps; it works to accelerate your progress and maintain motivation levels. Owing to its caffeine content, Strong to the Core works to pep-up your metabolism, as well as provide stimulation so that youre raring to go whatever your preferred method of training. Who is TNT Strong to the Core suitable for?|| Those following fat loss or get lean training programmes.|| Individuals preparing for competition.

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