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WARNING! Do NOT use these products at the same time! To enhance your fat burning with the ultimate fat burning stack, take the Shredded Beast on training days and the Thermo Beast on non training days BEAST YOURSELF THERMO BEAST 2.0 120 VEGI-CAPS PRODUCT INFORMATION Introducing The New Benchmark In Fat Metabolising: Thermo Beast 2.0 Thermo Beast is a no compromise, exclusive cutting edge formula, specifically designed for accelerated results. Without question it is the new benchmark in weight management supplementation. The whole concept behind Thermo Beast is to scientifically identify and address every single requirement necessary in order to achieve maximum calorie output through a super-fast metabolic rate. Thermo Beast is also the first ever fat burner to be engineered with your long-term success as an absolute priority Youll discover this is a central theme running throughout the development of this truly unique market leading Fat Burner! Thermo Beast provides you with an ultra-pure, proprietary blend of 10 complimentary active ingredients that work synergistically together to provide you with a whole multitude of benefits that right now, you may be missing out on! These are:A HIGHLY STIMULATED METABOLIC RATE, INCREASED THYROID OUTPUT, BOUNDLESS ENERGY LEVELS, NO SUGAR CRAVINGS AND MOOD ENHANCING FEELINGS OF EUPHORIA! Heres how youll benefit from the most comprehensive and far reaching Fat Burner on the market today: Highly Stimulated Metabolic Rate: Our basal metabolic rate (BMR) accounts for between 60-70% of our total calorie output, so it should go without saying that anyway of increasing this is invaluable! Simply put Thermo Beast is the only product on the market today that offers a huge 1000mg daily serving of the industrys Number 1 Citrus Aurantium Bitter Orange Peel. This Super Thermogenic Aid is found in only the most premium of products NONE however can match this level of active potency, setting Thermo Beast aside as a very

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