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What is the Vitality Nutri-Bar?Structured training calls for a regular dose of nutrients; protein is of course, high on the list of contenders. The growth and repair macro plays a crucial role in muscle development, with vitamins and minerals supporting health and well-being. A balanced eating plan is a must to include healthy snack options. The Vitality Nutri-Bar fits the bill: it packs a mighty punch of high-protein, with a delicious taste!As a brand, Vitality pride themselves on producing healthy, quick and easy food products to suit active individuals. Designed by experts in health, fitness and well-being, the range helps you to eat nutritiously around the clock. The Vitality Bar features whey protein concentrate known for its rapid absorption rate making it the perfect, pre or post-workout solution. Alternatively, it makes a great on-the-go breakfast option or treat at any other time of day. With a full-spectrum of vitamins, plus a range of minerals that are vital to health, youre getting a staple supply of nutrients to keep you ticking over between meals. L-leucine is primarily involved in muscle protein synthesis; naturally, its been added to the Vitality Bar. Youre also getting l-glutamine a conditionally essential amino acid that helps to sustain muscle mass; its also said to aid the immune system and gut function. Each bar is a source of carbohydrates, which sustain glycogen levels, providing energy for your training sessions. It also contains natural nut butter, which is both delectable, and a great source of healthy fats. The Vitality Bar makes a convenient, tasty choice of snack as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. What makes its formula special?|| Each 50g bar provides 13g of protein, to assist your daily requirements for muscle growth/recovery. || Delivers a wide range of micronutrients, essential to health and well-being. || Fortified with l-leucine and l-glutamine, renowned for their muscle-building properties. || Contains carbs, to restore glycogen and provide energy. || A source of natural, healthy fats.|| With no added sugar.|| Gluten-free.|| Multi-packs allow for careful planning of your snacks.|| A satisfying taste and texture; available in a range of scrumptious flavours!How can the Vitality Nutri-Bar help me reach my goals?A solid training routine requires the support of high-quality nutrition in the way of meals and snacks. With a busy lifestyle, it can sometimes prove difficult to plan ahead; the Nutri-Bar helps to keep you on track, delivering quality nutrition with every bite. A combination of protein, plus l-leucine and glutamine, assists muscle recovery between gym sessions. Carbs and healthy fats provide sustenance, with vitamins and minerals to help you stay in peak condition.Who is the Vitality Nutri-Bar suitable for?|| All types of active individuals, looking for a nutritious and convenient choice of snack.|| Those leading a healthy (but busy) lifestyle.

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