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What is TF7 Labs Virus Pump?Muscle pump is a desired effect of hard training; aesthetically, it creates the appearance of muscle volume and size. However, it also brings a practical element to your sessions; its an indication that blood vessels are dilated. This action increases blood circulation, transporting nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and organs of the body. TF7 Labs Virus Pump is a concentrated blend of nutrients and herbal extracts, designed to create enviable pumps and maximise your training progress.TF7 Labs is range of sports nutrition products, with innovation at its core. Each formula contains a dynamic blend of ingredients with the purpose of driving results. Virus Pump features some of the most heavily-researched components in the way of performance; these include a high-end dose of l-arginine (AAKG), coupled with niacin (vitamin B3) notable, potent precursors of nitric oxide (NO). As a renowned vasodilator, NO works to increase the diameter of blood vessels, allowing ease of blood flow. Powerful additions include Citrus aurantium (bitter orange), which is thought to optimise energy output, complimenting the combined effects of the other ingredients therein. Betaine anhydrous, alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin C help to protect against oxidative stress a must for all active persons. Virus Pump can also be stacked with the highly effectual Poison Pre-Workout, offering a powerful catalyst to your success! What makes its formula special?|| Each serving delivers a host of powerful ingredients, designed to produce impressive muscle pumps and hone performance. || Includes notable precursors to NO (including niacin); this functions to increase vasodilation and thus, the deliverance of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. || Features added nutritionals designed to offer anti-oxidant support, including alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin C.|| With Citrus aurantium to aid energy output and work synergistically with the other ingredients. || Ideal for stacking with other TF7 Labs supplemenst. || Available in a convenient capsule format. How can TF7 Labs Virus Pump help me reach my goals?Long-term results are what we all strive for from hard training. However, instant gratification can spur you on its a sign that youre heading in the right direction. Muscle pumps are a prime example of immediate effects; so long as bloods pumping, your muscles are getting a good supply of nutrients to assist growth and repair.Virus Pump is the ideal supplement to your routine; witness its potency and exceed your potential!Who is TF7 Labs Virus Pump suitable for?|| Bodybuilders and weight-trainers wanting a powerful pump product.|| Those looking for an extra dose of motivation, whilst maximising recovery.

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