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Reflex Nutrition One Stop Xtreme is an all in one sports supplement. It contains a comprehensive formula with Protein, BCAAs, L-Leucine Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals.It contains an EU sourced grass fed dairy protein blend and is a source of Micellar Casein, It contains BCAAs, Amino Acids and L-Glutamine. Protein contributes to muscle growth and support while Amino Acids promote protein bioavailability. As a result increasing protein intake can be of benefit to athletes, strength trainers and anyone looking to build muscle mass.It also contains Creapure, a Creatine Monohydrate, and provides 10g a serving. A daily serving of 3g contributes to increased physical performance in successive bursts of short-term high intensity exercise. It may therefore be of use to those who perform repetitions in the gym.Friendly bacteria has been included to ensure that nutrients reach the upper intestine intact and are therefore used more readily by the body.Finally Reflex Nutrition One Stop Xtreme contains a comprehensive Multi Vitamin and Mineral formula, providing 100% of the NRV of all your daily vitamins, which support a range of biological functions. For example Zinc has been added for its role in supporting the normal function of the immune system, normal carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis while Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function, normal energy-yielding metabolism, a reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal functioning of the nervous system.Reflex Nutrition One Stop Xtreme is a recommended supplement for those who are following a weight building plan such as athletes and bodybuilders.Suitable for Vegetarians.

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