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What is the USN Pro Energy Chew? The USN Pro Energy Chews are tasty chewable tablets that boost your energy levels helping you get the most out of your workouts.The tablets are available in a delicious orange flavour, comtaining real fruit flavouring components and is free from artificial colours.What are the benefits?Low energy levels and depletion are two common factors that lead to workouts that are not fulfilled to their maximum potential.Pro Energy Chews assist in combating these issues by providing you with 83kj of energy with an additional 50mg of Vitamin C to recover and replenish your body whilst training.Another added benefit of the chewable energy tablets is their convenience. Packaged and sealed in a small cylinder tube, the Pro Energy Chews can be transported easily and conveniently accessible.Is this product for me?Wed recommend USN Pro Energy Chews to absolutely anyone. The chewable tablets are a tasty energy bursting product that will help you maximise your potential. This product can be supplemented with any type or training or exercise but works well with endurance training or exercise lasting for lengthy amount of time.* Please note this is 12 Tubes containing 10 chews*

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