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What is PhD Pre-Wkt Pump?Pump is the desired effect of a powerful lifting session; when muscles are under tension, this lends to an increased blood flow, creating volume and a more vascular appearance. Whilst gratifying in its own right, pump optimises the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles, boosting performance and recovery. PhD Pre-Wkt Pump was created with breakthrough ingredient technology to facilitate pumps, as well as muscle growth activation. PhD are a trusted lifestyle and nutrition brand, designed to make a difference to your progress. Their extensive range of high-quality products are the drivers of your results whatever your fitness targets. Pre-Wkt Pump contains the brand new ingredient, Oxystorm a standardised form of dietary nitrates, derived from the Amaranthus plant, considered a superior source. Essentially, nitrates play an important role in the production of nitric oxide (NO), a vasodilator; Oxystorm is a thought to be a powerhouse of nitrate delivery. Other, central components of Pre-Wkt Pump include an impressive dose (2g) of arginine AKG, niacin (vitamin B3), and beetroot extract all of which support NO synthesis. L-norvaline is an isomer of the BCAA, valine, and has been positively linked to aiding blood circulation; potentially, it could act to inhibit the enzyme arginase, which breaks down arginine in the body. Citrulline malate also features; studies suggest that this can help to reduce fatigue and prolong stamina. The amino acid tri-methyl glycine (betaine anhydrous) has been added to the mix, owing to its various benefits. For example, its classed as an osmolyte, so it helps to maintain cell hydration and structure, and prevent cellular stress. Potassium, a key electrolyte, plus vitamin C (an anti-oxidant nutrient), may offer further assistance in this way. What makes its formula special?|| Each 10g scoop offers a potent blend of ingredients to encourage muscle pumps. || Works to influence performance, recovery and personal motivation. || Features all new Oxystorm said to be a powerhouse of nitrate delivery. || Ingredients such as arginine AKG, niacin and beetroot extract aid the natural production of NO. || With l-norvaline to help sustain levels of arginine AKG in the body.|| Additional ingredients help to fight fatigue, and support cellular structure/function; these include citrulline malate and tri-methyl glycine.|| Caffeine-free.|| Mixes easily in a shaker. || Available in a range of refreshing flavours.How can PhD Pre-Wkt Pump help me reach my goals?Visible signs of a successful workout can serve as a great motivational tool; muscle pumps are just that. However, aesthetics aside, they assist muscle development due to the improved availability of oxygen and nutrients. A functional supplement that encourages muscle pumps is a win; Pre-Wkt Pump is a full-dosed, innovative formulation. Its based on superior ingredients that have been researched extensively, offering a powerful boost to your training. Oxystorm and l-norvaline are perhaps the stand-out components that maximise pump and the advantages that go with this. Who is PhD Pre-Wkt Pump suitable for?|| Bodybuilders and weight trainers looking for a concentrated pump product. || Those who train in the latter part of the day, who wish to avoid stimulants.

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