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What is the Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie?Leading a healthy lifestyle doesnt equal total exclusion of your favourite treats. Its all about balance, and finding more nutritious versions of so-called naughty foods! The Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie is a deliciously moreish yet satisfying bite, packed with a host of good-for-you ingredients. Pulsin are manufacturers of healthy snacks and protein powders, based on natural and/or organic ingredients with no hidden nasties. Theyre high in protein, (refined) sugar-free, and designed to sustain energy levels and well-being, making them suitable for all the family. The Raw Chocolate Brownie offers an indulgent, chocolate-y snack option thats loaded with lovely stuff like nuts, dried fruit, maca powder, green tea, and its signature ingredient, cacao. Differing from Dutch-processed cocoa, usually, a powder is formed from cold-pressed, unroasted cacao beans and thus, its referred to as raw. As a result, cacao is said to be one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods in existence, apt to contain a host of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Cacao butter is also added, offering an authentic chocolate flavour, aroma and nutritional value. Brown rice bran and chicory fibre help to provide a gradual release of energy that will keep you fuller for longer. With a balance of healthy fats, muscle-building protein and carbs from whole food sources, the Raw Chocolate Brownie can be enjoyed as a snack as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Try warming it gently for a yummy dessert, minus the guilt!What makes its formula special?|| Each 50g brownie provides a balance of protein, carbs and fat to help maintain energy levels, naturally. || Includes superfood ingredients such as maca powder, green tea extract and dried goji berries. || Made with cold-pressed cacao beans and cacao butter.|| Contains rice bran and chicory to boost fibre content. || Void of refined sugar; sweetened with dried fruit e.g. dates, plus concentrated fruit juice. || Gluten and dairy-free. || Individually wrapped brownies in multi-packs allow for careful planning of your snacks/treats.|| A satisfying taste and texture; available in a range of scrumptious flavours!How can the Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie help me reach my goals?Having a range of healthy snacks at your fingertips can help to keep things interesting. After all, variety is the spice of life! Even the most disciplined of individuals have their favourite foods; for those with a sweet tooth, choosing something thats nutritious rather than just giving empty calories is the key to sustaining a healthy, happy lifestyle. The Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie allows you to indulge a little, whilst avoiding the viscous cycle of cravings that can throw you off course. With the Raw Chocolate Brownie, you have a versatile snack choice that aligns with many fitness pursuits. Who is the Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie suitable for?|| All types of active individuals, looking for an indulgent but nutritious snack/treat.|| Those who prefer products made with natural, whole food ingredients. || People intolerant/allergic to gluten and/or dairy. || Big kids and little kids alike!

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