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What is PhD Pre-Wkt Burn?A strong, lean physique is the total sum of good nutrition and solid training; optimising body fat levels and lean muscle mass are at the forefront of your success. What if there was a way to turbo-charge the process? Enter: PhD Pre-Wkt Burn a powerful pre-training formula thats designed to support fat metabolism and promote active muscle recovery in one. A longstanding industry favourite, PhD are a lifestyle and nutrition brand that set out to make a difference. They supply products of a superior quality to facilitate your progress, and help you exceed your personal best. Pre-Wkt Burn is an innovative addition to their existing range, delivering a potent dose of caffeine to help improve stamina and concentration levels. As a supportive ingredient, TeaCrine (tetramethyluric acid) according to studies can exhibit beneficial effects in the way of motivation and cognitive function. Its also thought to reduce fatigue, lending to increased athleticism; even relatively low doses have been shown to produce impressive results. Pre-WKt Burn features the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine, plus l-glutamine all of which are central to muscle protein synthesis. You also have conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is said to assist the preservation of lean muscle, whilst encouraging fat oxidation; l-carnitine may reinforce this mechanism. L-tyrosine is involved in protein formation; additionally, its required to produce several, important neurotransmitters (including noradrenaline and dopamine), as well as hormones relating to thyroid/metabolic function. Alongside this, vitamin B6 influences mood regulation and contributes to energy metabolism, with zinc aiding the immune system. Refreshing and full-dosed, Pre-WKt Burn was created for men and women, for use in conjunction with intense, fat-burning exercise such as H.I.I.T, crossfit or circuit training. What makes its formula special?|| Each 10g scoop delivers powerful, fat-burning stimulation getting you prepped for hard training.|| Contains 225mg of caffeine and 75mg of TeaCrine; these work in synergy to promote endurance and hone mental focus. || Includes BCAAs and l-glutamine to support muscle growth and repair.|| Added CLA, l-carnitine, l-tyrosine and vitamin B6 contribute to fat metabolism and energy output. || Fortified with zinc to assist the immune system.|| Available in a range of crisp, refreshing flavours! How can PhD Pre-Wkt Burn help me reach my goals?For the dedicated, theres always room for development; Pre-WKt Burn enables you to strengthen the efficacy of your training/nutrition habits. Essentially, it maximises your fat-burning potential, stretching the limitations of whats previously been achieved. Carefully selected ingredients in research-driven quantities target the metabolism, whilst giving you the vigour required to power your through your training, offering a dual effect.Added nutrients including amino acids help to sustain aspects of your recovery, health and well-being. Who is PhD Pre-Wkt Burn suitable for?|| All types of active individuals with fat loss as their primary objective. || Anyone who partakes in regular, intense exercise.|| Those who train in the earlier part of the day.

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