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What is PhD Protein Water?As an active individual, protein is an important part of your nutrition and supplement plan. Microscopic damage to muscle fibres happens as a result of regular, hard training; protein facilitates growth and repair, thus adequate intake is essential. Another key aspect to peak fitness is hydration; what if these two components were combined? PhD aims to do just that with Protein Water: its a refreshing beverage designed to support muscle recovery and re-hydrate in one. PhD are a sports nutrition and lifestyle brand, passionate about delivering results. Protein Water is based on whey protein isolate, which has a notably rapid absorption rate. Beginning as whey concentrate, isolate is a purer form, having had much of its remaining lactose and fat removed; the end product is an isolated form of protein (hence the name) that lends well to intra and post-workout supplements.With zero added sugar, Protein Water offers a great way to boost your intake of the muscle-building macro without extra calories in tow! Protein Water is also fortified with l-carnitine an amino acid believed to encourage fat oxidation and the increase/preservation of lean body mass. It also features vitamins B6 and B12, which contribute to energy metabolism and the formation of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Together, this offers a natural anti-fatigue effect; its therefore, perfect for consumption before, during and after training, to enhance performance and kick-start muscle recovery. What makes its formula special?|| Each 500ml ready-to-drink (RTD) delivers 20g of superior quality whey protein isolate, renowned for its rapid rate of uptake. || Promotes muscle recovery and hydration.|| Fortified with vitamins B6 and B12 to help negate fatigue, naturally.|| Contains l-carnitine to support healthy changes in body composition. || Suitable for use around your training or throughout the day.|| Multi-packs make for easy planning!|| Available in a range of deliciously refreshing flavours. How can PhD Protein Water help me reach my goals?Trained muscles require a consistent supply of nutrients especially protein to aid the process of repair and growth. Experts in health and fitness often stress that theres a window of opportunity when you can enhance your capacity for recovery: during and immediately after a workout. Due to its RTD format, Protein Water supports this notion; it offers ultra-convenience when you need it most. Its easily portable, and theres no measuring or mixing involved. The added nutrients allow for a lasting boost to your energy levels and physical ideals.Who is PhD Protein Water suitable for?|| Gym-goers, sportsmen and women and all other active individuals looking to support muscle development.|| Those wanting convenience without skipping quality. || Busy people who dont always have the time to mix protein shakes from scratch.

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