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What is the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser?Fat loss is a common objective amongst both men and women. It can be achieved by adhering to a disciplined nutrition and training plan, which form the baseline of success. However, certain nutrients and plant extracts have been shown to further aid the effects of diet and exercise. The Optimum Nutrition Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser is designed to do just that reinforce your current efforts and help to maximise your results!In each capsule, youll find a blend of high-quality, functional ingredients, as standard to the Optimum Nutrition brand. L-carnitine, green tea, cayenne and black pepper extracts help to pep-up your bodys metabolic rate and fat-burning potential. Reportedly, the latter three (in particular) can increase thermogenesis the bodys ability to expend calories through heat production. Caffeine is believed to enhance these effects, as well as increase focus and stamina.Added B vitamins including folic acid, B6 and B12 assist energy metabolism, with zinc to support healthy hormonal development and provide antioxidant benefits. With the Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser, you have a potent boost to streamlining your physique, sensibly and efficiently. Whats makes its formula special?|| Specially selected nutrients and plant extracts to help increase your energy levels and fat || Contains caffeine (including guarana) to boost mental focus, stamina and motivation to stick to your workout schedule|| Available in an easy to use, capsule formatHow can the Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser help me reach my goals?Sustainable, healthy fat loss requires an overhaul of your lifestyle; whilst there is no such thing as a quick fix, there are certain habits and tweaks that can serve you well. Alongside a balanced diet and regular training, the Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser can help you to raise the stakes, as it were. It can offer a third element to the existing, positive habits that youve secured. It offers a helping hand to anyone following a get lean programme, or looking to accelerate their fat loss leading up to competition. The Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser will provide that push in the right direction, so that you boldly arrive at your destination!Who is the Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser suitable for?|| Those following weight management/slimming programmes|| Competing individuals who want to bolster fat loss in the run-up to an event|| People who have reached the unfortunate yet frequently experienced plateau stage of their changing weight

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