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Creatine monodhyrate is the energy fuel for all sports that involve speed or power. A small quantity is produced naturally in the body, and some is found in red meat and fish. Increasing the amount of creatine in the muscles, though supplementation, will allow you to train/compete for longer leading to increased endurance and lean muscle mass.Creatine monohydrate is the most effective natural supplement for increasing lean muscle mass and improving athletic performance. It is most effective in sports which involve repeated high intensity movement e.g. sprinting, lifting or wrestling and in both team and individual sports. Highlights of Nutrisport Creatine include:- Supported by over 100 studies in humans.- Works by increasing muscle ATP regeneration and muscle protein synthesis.- A natural product which is taken in with food and made in the body. Not a drug.Now Nutrisport have launched Creatine Tablets as well as powder, which are designed for creatine convenience, ease of use and simplicity. Nutrisport Creatine capsules are an ideal source of Creatine when convenience is paramount.

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