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What is Optimum Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix?Protein pancakes are the smart, nutritious revamp of a classic whether eaten for breakfast or at any other time of day. Optimum Nutrition created their Protein Pancake Mix to add fuss-free variety to your eating plan. A balance of carbohydrates and protein will support muscle recovery in the most satisfying way possible. Optimum Nutrition have set the Gold Standard in sports nutrition since 1986. Their glowing reputation reflects the expertise, cutting-edge science and quality ingredients behind their product innovation. Protein Pancake Mix features whey concentrate with its superior rate of absorption and biological value (BV). It delivers a full spectrum of amino acids including the branched-chain sub-group, l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine. These are crucial to growth and repair processes, so youre fuelling working muscles with every bite! Egg white protein (albumen) is also included, owing to its nutritional quality. Oat flour provides 18g of carbs, offering sustenance and helping to restore muscle glycogen that depletes during training. Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) powder is a unique source of energy that is burned almost immediately after consumption. This will aid in keeping you sated for longer, and can benefit your athletic performance. Enjoy your pancakes with fruit, nut spreads or any additional toppings of choice. What makes its formula special?● Delivers an impressive 20g of quality protein per 51g serving ● Features oat flour to provide sustenance (18g of carbs per serve) and help replenish muscle glycogen● Contains MCT powder as a lasting source of energy ● Sweetened with sucralose● Boosts recovery around training ● Suitable for vegetariansHow can Optimum Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix help me reach my goals?Its often quoted that you cant out-train a bad diet, and for the most part, this renders true. Balanced nutrition is the undercurrent of your success; it ensures your body is getting all the raw materials needed to build and maintain muscle mass and keep you in tip-top shape. Protein Pancake Mix incorporates quality protein, carbs and MCTs to achieve a well-rounded dose of nutrients thats supportive of your fitness regime. Whether youre looking for a hearty breakfast option or healthy snack/treat option, Protein Pancake Mix is your new best friend! Who is Optimum Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix suitable for?● Men and women wanting to spruce up their breakfast!● Health enthusiasts searching for a more nutritious choice of snack/treat● Those wanting to introduce variety alongside their regular protein shake

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