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What is Muscle Mousse Moose Juice?Energy drinks are invigoration packaged in a convenient, ready-to-drink (RTD) format! Moose Juice Extreme Energy from Muscle Mousse is a refreshing, sparkling energy drink thats loaded with goodies to help you stay in tip-top form. It offers a boost when you need it the most without the proceeding crash. The casein-based dessert thats a signature product of Muscle Moose was a sure-fire hit amongst fitness enthusiasts. Moose Juice is their next innovative creation, designed to help maximise your performance and reach your goals. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) assist muscle protein synthesis, and added B vitamins support energy metabolism. Caffeine aids in achieving sharper focus and increased stamina, along with aminos such as taurine, said to enhance brain function. Moose Juice is free from added sugar, so it serves as a pick-me-up, minus the calories. It can be enjoyed before your training, or at any time of day you need to put the spring back in your step!Whats makes its formula special?|| A sparkling energy drink with caffeine to provide a boost in stamina and focus without the crash.|| Contains BCAAs to aid muscle growth and repair.|| Additional aminos include taurine and l-tyrosine, thought to assist brain function.|| With B vitamins to foster a sustained release of energy.

|| Virtually zero carbs/sugar and low-calorie just 15 per 500ml RTD. || Multipacks allow you to plan ahead and keep your fridge stocked-up. || Available in refreshing, fruity flavours. How can Muscle Mousse Moose Juice help me reach my goals?Sometimes, we all require a helping hand to feel motivated and energised, prepped to stick to our exercise routine. When youre low on juice, refill the tank with Moose Juice! Its designed to help squeeze every drop of potential out of your day, so you can achieve your training targets even when youre feeling a tad lacklustre. Owing to BCAAs and B vitamins, youre getting added nutritional support with every sip. Moose Juice is ideal for pre-workout consumption or for refreshment at any other time of day. Who is Muscle Mousse Moose Juice suitable for?|| Athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for an increase in energy before they train, or as and when required. || Those actively avoiding carbs/sugar especially those on a weight management plan.|| Individuals wanting to support muscle function and optimise activity output.

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