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ASN Diet Whey Protein 2.27kg Product Information ASN diet whey proteinIs a market leading whey protein supplement, recommended for all those looking for high levels of quality protein in their diet. It contains 35g protein and 6.7g of carbohydrates and only 3.2g of fat per serving 50g super serving. ASN Diet Whey ProteinOffers a complete solution to help you achieve your recommended daily protein requirements* by consisting of a precise blend of whey protein concentrate isolate and hydrolysate, sourced from the very finest raw materials. ASN Diet Whey ProteinIs simply outstanding value for money. Using ASN means you will always receive a great tasting and great mixing, proprietary blend of high quality whey protein. ASN Diet Whey ProteinHas also been specifically engineered to be easily digested and can be readily used between meals as a healthy, nutritional snack. ASN Diet Whey Protein has been specifically designed to compete nutritionally with the current leading brands of whey protein. *Further information can be found at ASN Diet Whey is a VAT free diet protein. Directions for use Mix 1 scoop (25g) with 150ml of water. For best results we advise you to take 3 servings per day, firstly upon waking, then as a healthy low calorie snack, consumed throughout the day or between meals. ASN diet whey protein mixes easily with both water and milk. Ingredients Whey protein concentrate, hydrolysate, skim milk powder, thickener (carboxymethyl cellulose, xanthan gum), sweetener ( sucralose acesulfame potassium), strawberry flavouring and colouring (beet red) (strawberry flavour only). Defatted cocoa powder and chocolate flavouring (chocolate flavour only), vanilla flavoring ( vanilla flavour only). Nutritional Information Nutritional Information Typical value per 100g Typical value per 25g serving Energy (Kcal) 392 98 Energy (KJ) 1640 410 Protein (g) 70.00 17.5 Carbohydrate (g) 13.4 3.35 of which sugar (g) 10.1 2.53 fat (g) 6.4 1.6 o

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