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Youve heard it before! The secret to building real muscle is ensuring that your recovery levels and nutrition match your training intensity! One without the other is a sure fire way to short change yourself. Why do all that hard work in the gym if you are going to get full benefit from it? Glutamine is the single most abundant amino acid, representing 61% of your bodies skeletal muscle tissue. And levels significantly drop after after intense training. In fact Low levels of glutamine can be a key indicator of a catabolic state in the muscle, severely impairing recovery and growth. And one thing is for sure, if your body is in a catabolic state there is no way you muscle can grow no matter how hard you train! Adding the ASN L-Glutamine 500 provides the perfect stimulus to replenish these levels and accelerate recovery to the the level that your intense training deserves. In addition ASN L-glutamine may impact your growth hormone response. There are some studies which show, that using L-glutamine, especially before bed can act to boost your natural nightly GH release. Resulting in a leaner more muscular body. Unlike some other glutamines, ASN's L-glutamine 500 is in the micronised format. Glutamine is not always the most bio-available nutrient so it is vital that you get a micronised form to ensure your body can use it effectively where its needed. And as youve come to expect with ASN, the value for money on this stack is unbeatable. You'll receive 100 servings for the excellent price of 19.99, just about the best value you can get on the market for a high quality micronised glutamine . Recommended dosage: ASN L-Glutamine is best taken 3 times per day in 5g servings. It can be taken with food or shakes but is best absorbed away from other meal times to maximise absorption. Ideal times for intake are around training times and before bed.

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