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What is the Justines Protein Cookie?We all know the importance of strict training and eating habits theyre essential steps to sculpting our desired physique. However, from time to time, cravings for something off plan happen to the best of us. Justines Protein Cookie was developed for this very reason; its a nutritionally sound treat thats ultra-low in carbs, high in protein and not to mention, utterly delicious!Making people feel good by offering high-quality, innovative and healthy baked goods that satisfy: thats the motive behind the Justines brand. CEO Justine Muollo is intolerant to both dairy and gluten; she felt there was a gap in the market for those with dietary restrictions. Thus, she set about creating healthier snack alternatives that werent going to send blood glucose levels skyrocketing! Protein-rich recipes with an emphasis on guilt-free indulgence that was the aim. Beautifully aligned with this concept, the Protein Cookie is soft-baked and nutrient-enriched to satisfy hunger and cravings during the day. Each serving supplies 16g of quality milk protein to assist muscle growth and repair. Astonishingly, the Protein Cookie contains a mere 0.2g of carbs (yes!) and just 55 calories, making it one of the leanest, cleanest snacks available. Made in Wellington, New Zealand, this masterpiece is free from wheat/gluten, and includes sustainable, ethically sourced palm oil. Sweetened naturally with maltitol (a polyol), the Protein Cookies macro profile is designed to support weight control and muscle recovery. What makes its formula special?● Each generous, 64g cookie delivers 16g of quality milk protein to aid muscle recovery● Contains just 0.2g of carbs!● A super-lean, convenient snack/treat option● Has an authentic, soft-baked texture ● Multi-packs allow you to plan your treats in advance ● Features sustainable, ethically sourced palm oil● Suitable for vegetariansHow can Justines Protein Cookie help me reach my goals?Many high-protein cookies contain a large quantity of sugar, which can negate their nutritional value. Unlike refined carbs/sugar, maltitol is mostly unabsorbed by the body; this helps to avoid fluctuations in appetite and body fat levels. With such a minimal carb and calorie content, the Protein Cookie is the perfect, guilt-free indulgence! Its also geared towards anyone with Caeliac disease (or intolerant to gluten), offering flexibility where other snack choices may be limited. This not-so-naughty bite is the apt addition to current your fitness/fat loss regime. Who is Justines Protein Cookie suitable for?● Active people monitoring their carb intake● Individuals following weight management or get lean regimes ● Those looking to improve their snack choices

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