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The Hype Farmers Walk Handles are perfect to improve training fitness and stamina, whilst increasing grip strength and muscle gain results. Hype Farmers Walk Handles help to burn fat and build muscle. Perfect to helping overall physical performance and endurance levels - An effective addition to any training plan. The Farmers Walk is a simple exercise movement… Picking up something heavy in each hand and walking with it, for as long as possible!Although it sounds easy, the Farmers Walk provides a challenging and very strenuous workout.Grip strength is key in a variety of weightlifting and climbing activities. And Hype’s Farmers Walk Handles have been designed to increase grip strength, improving forearm strength and enhancing muscle definition. Hype Farmers Walk Handles deliver a complete workout experience. Working your legs including glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, as well as working the upper body exercising your arms, shoulders, trunk, core, and back muscles. The Hype Farmers Walk Handles offers a safe form of exercise, when performed correctly. It is key to keep good posture during training, resisting the urge to drop your shoulders and head. Hype Farmers Walk Handles are high strength, durable bars that can be loaded with heavy training plates. Delivering a simple but very effective training session, suitable for home or gym use.

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