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Introducting MaxiNutritions newly formulated Promax Lean. A weight management shake to help you achieve your healthy weight goals.Each serving provide 30g of Protein. They are in a fast and slow acting form to provide you with a constant supply of amino acids. Protein can contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass as do Amino Acids. This will help you to your lean definition goals.Delicious Promax Lean contains Caffeine, to provide mental and physical focus, and also L-Carnitine which plays an important role in the transport of fatty acids. Six of the B Vitamins have also been added for their contribution to normal energy metabolism. Vitamin B3 also supports a reduction in tiredness and fatigue along with vitamin B6 which supports normal protein and glycogen metabolism.Maxi Nutrition recommend consuming two servings of Promax Lean daily. This shake is high in Caffeine and is therefore not suitable for pregnant women or children.

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