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What is Gaspari Precision Protein 908g?Amongst the vast array of sports nutrition products, whey protein is at the top of the chain. This is because its a premium source of amino acids; thus, supplementing whey can be invaluable to muscle development. Gaspari launched Precision Protein with a single aim: to develop a stand-out formulation using superior ingredients. The motive behind the Gaspari brand is that quality shouldnt be out of reach due to expense. A respected name within the industry, Precision Protein has now been added to their extensive range of high-calibre products (with an affordable price tag). Hydrolysed whey isolate of 100% purity is met with a proprietary process called embedded enzyme technology (EET). This breakthrough system essentially is designed to increase the bioavailability (BV) and turnover of leucine (along with other amino acids), thats supportive of muscle protein synthesis. The EET process occurs in two stages; the first part is set up when manufacturing the protein itself. The inclusive enzymes are preserved by a phospholipid matrix which are activated only when liquid is mixed with the powder before use. At this point, a rapid release of leucine peptides occurs, encouraging an anabolic action. Precision Protein offers amazing muscle-building benefits compared with traditional whey and other, hydrolysed forms from competitors. In each 32g scoop, theres around 25g of protein, with less than 2g of both sugar and fat; this keeps the calorie count ultra-low. Effortless mixing, coupled with a superb taste makes Precision Protein ideal for consumption post-training, or at any other time of day. What makes its formula special?● A revolutionary system helps to yield an increased BV of leucine, plus other amino acids● Provides an impressive 25g of protein per 32g serving ● Contains less than 2g of carbs and fat, and is low in calories (130 per serve)● Facilitates targeted muscle recovery and growth ● Has a superb taste● Suitable for vegetariansHow can Gaspari Precision Protein 908g help me reach my goals?Leucine is considered one of the most important amino acids in terms of muscle growth/repair. Although whey is naturally rich in leucine, its the bioavailability (BV) of protein that holds the most weight; that which our bodies can effectively absorb and utilise. The EET in Precision Protein helps to increase the BV of leucine. It targets the primary stage of muscle protein synthesis; additionally, it aids the bodys ability to absorb other, essential amino acids (EAAs). By stimulating growth and repair factors, Precision Protein delivers anti-catabolic properties and a sophisticated mechanism for recovery.Who is Gaspari Precision Protein suitable for?● Men and women looking for a premium-grade, hydrolysed whey isolate shake● Anyone following a fat loss/muscle-building programme, or looking for an ultra-lean whey product

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