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*LATE DATE Blackcurrant and Strawberry-Lime flavours Expiry 4/18, Grape Expiry 5/18*
What is Efectiv PWO?Pre-workouts are your very own rocket fuel, serving to maximise your training potential! Theyre designed to increase motivation and stamina to propel you through your session. PWO by Efectiv offers a unique blend of ingredients designed to intensify your workout experience (Pre-Workout Energy and Focus Activator). A combination of unique, powerful components in PWO helps to improve mind-muscle connection a quality thats definitive of the Effectiv brand. These include beta-alanine, tyrosine, magnesium, cocoa extract and bioperine, which work synergistically to enhance muscle function. Added niacin and vitamin B6 support energy metabolism, with caffeine and Cognizin to sharpen focus. Patented ViNitrox stimulates blood flow and helps to protect against oxidative damage (along with vitamin C) an important aspect of physical fitness.PWO is geared towards combating fatigue and honing both mental and physical agility, providing a fast-acting edge to your routine. Whats makes its formula special?|| Youll find a cocktail of powerful ingredients, specifically chosen to ignite your performance.|| Added niacin and vitamin B6 aid energy metabolism.|| Contains caffeine to invigorate. || Assists mental focus to support mind-muscle connection.|| Helps to guard against oxidative stress owing to ViNitrox and vitamin C. || Mixes instantaneously and is available in a range of refreshing, fruity flavours. How can Efectiv PWO help me reach my goals?From time to time, even the most hardened gym goer requires a helping hand relative to getting into the zone. Pre-workouts stretch the boundaries of your personal best, building on your growing athleticism and potential for results. With PWO, you have a blend of functional ingredients to stimulate mind and body whether youre a bodybuilder or endurance athlete. With PWO, youll get a burst of energy; its especially valuable if your train in the earlier part of the day or even after work, so youre set for an explosive session. Who is Efectiv PWO suitable for?|| All types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts; bodybuilders, weight trainers and those who partake in endurance sports can all benefit. || Those who enjoy the stimulant effects of caffeine especially if exercising in the morning, afternoon, or following work.

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